New tricks for Emails

Things you haven't done with that "old" technology, yet.

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Mail to code

Learn to code with microcontrollers.

This it the heart of these pages. I am working on a couple of skripts that enable you to upload your code to my robots, simply by sending an Email to my server. Also, there is a tutorial that turns you into a coder, step by step.

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Public messenger

Transform an Email to a public message.

Get in contact with the world. Conversation by mail isn't new, conversation on an Internet page isn't. Why not combine both?.

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Software repositories

Publish a new software release by Email.

Each Email software has a "Sent" folder listing all previous Emails you have sent. If you use the "Public Messenger" function on this server, each new Email, including attachments is listed on top of the page, the older Emails are below. With that you automatically get a history of your repository.

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Why Emails?

Tired of having to create an account for each social network or any simple interaction on the web? Well, all those platforms use your Email to identify you, while you create an account and even beyond that. Why not skip that "create an account" step and use your Email address directly to identify you? The answer is this social media network based on sending Emails to a server.

Its everywhere

There are countless mailservers on this planet and countless Internet providers that all give you at least one Email address for free. Make use of that service to create a decentralized network of more servers than just this one. The software needed to set up another knot of this network is commonly available and Open Source. The hardware requirements are low end: A Raspberry Pi or an old Laptop is more than enough to set it up.

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Chocolate bars as comfort food while writing on these pages and operating the server consumes my money.
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