Mail to Code

Send code via Email to a server and see what happens.

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What mail2code is, in moving pictures:

Want to learn coding?

To get a deep understanding of how code lines rule the world, read the tutorial. It starts with the essential stuff for beginners and goes through all the bits and bytes that turn you into an expert.

Click here to enter the tutorial.

Rover R20

Rover R20 is a mobile robot with an Arduino MEGA.

You would like to explore the arena?
Send your code to R20 and drive that robot with your software on my attic.

Click here, to see how to program R20.

Arduino UNO

This server has an Arduino UNO board with some simple peripherals connected to the GPIOs.

You have a code file for the Arduino UNO and are ready to try it out?
Or you are curious what others have done with this Arduino UNO setup?
Click here to send your code.

You like the idea and want to spend me an Obol?

Chocolate bars as comfort food while writing on these pages and operating the server consumes my money.
Help to keep this project running with your donation.

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Thank you!